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In this paper, we introduce a real-time fault detection technique based on statistical EWMA control charts for detecting power switch …

In this paper we adapt nonlinear dynamic tools from the chaos theory to study the characteristics of the major Egyptian stock market …

In this paper we use the Gibbs sampling algorithm to present a Bayesian analysis to multiplicative seasonal autoregressive moving …

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الأمية والطلاق في مصر – نظرة رقمية باستخدام بيانات تعداد السكان 2017

International Prize in Statistics

أحد أكبر المؤتمرات الاحصائية في العالم


I teach the following courses for undergraduate students:

  • Applied Mathematics.
  • Principles of Statistics.
  • Applied Statistics.
  • Quantitative Analysis.

I teach the following courses for Postgraduate students:

  • Advanced Statistics
  • Theory of Statistics
  • Mathematics for Statisticians
  • Demography
  • Time Series Analysis